Fashion (Antara’s looks, etc.)

A post about clothing styles and fashions (from sarees or gowns to yoga pants or pajamas). Please try to make it related to MY style sense, which you can see on my Twitter feed (budget permitting, lol). All skin colours and hair styles (or hairless) are invited. Even if you dislike fashions seen here, please be kind. Thanks.

Style is Open Territory

Namaste, Music Lovers, This is the first installment in what I hope is a new fashion series. Fashion/style is one fun part of life in a movie-production orbit that can a) take a detached producer’s view or b) be sought for a particular purpose like today’s show/event (or in my view only for fun). As you can […]

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Forward Ever – Backward Never

With this post we at wish you a very safe and enjoyable increment of day, month and year! Namaste… as always. (My spirit greets and blesses yours.) Goodbye with fondness to all we met and with whom we enjoyed time together in 2017, however brief it may have been! Actually, our own calendars are so […]

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Fashion is Fun

There are infinite ways to design infinite colours of fabrics with an infinity of accessories… no one could conceivably follow every trend and creative approach to fashions. While we in India often put colourful spins on fabrics and combine them in traditional or modern ways, I think some of our best looks are made from […]

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Hues and Shades

I love our richly diverse Indian colours! From the delicate pastel tones of lassi and sweets to the deeply intense colours of fashions and film production, India is so colourful! While even the experts may differ on the precise meanings of the word gerua, here is a primer on ancient earth pigments (colour powders): Natural […]

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