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Film (Music) History

A post regarding the history of the Indian subcontinent’s take on the evolution of music synced to motion pictures. Bollywood, Hollywood, Lollywood, etc. are all welcome topics (ancient—today).

A Touch of Class

Written by on 10th June 2016 in Film (Music) History, Inspirational

Some of the greatest joys in life reach at unexpected moments adding to recognition by those we admire. God knows I admire Sonuji! He is such a hopeful light in the world. When Sonu Nigam smiles with his eyes and a silent “Acha!“ (as he gave to Aditi Singh Sharma above) be assured that you did something exceptionally well! Life is good. This was […]

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Arijit with Orchestra

Written by on 10th June 2016 in Film (Music) History, Mumbai, Nightlife

This is video coverage of a great July 2015 concert in Mumbai. Maybe some day I will have a concert like this one!

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Hungama Mini-Masala

Written by on 8th May 2016 in Film (Music) History, My views, Proper Respects

Bollywood Bedlam Broadband Boss interviewer Faridoon Shahryar managed to draw me out a bit, lol. In our Musically Yours interview, I got to gush on Sharukh Khan‘s favorite Dilwale musical number (mine too): Faridoonji apparently got a kick out of my frank talk. I admit, a bit of frankness has never been too much of […]

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Thrilled to be billed with greatness!

Written by on 10th March 2016 in Auckland, Film (Music) History

Bengali: আমি শুধু কাল্পনিক গায়ক-সুরকার সঙ্গীত পরিচালক প্রীতম চক্রবর্তী সঙ্গে একটি পর্যায় ভাগ সম্মানিত করছি? Hindi: मैं बस महान गायक-संगीतकार संगीत निर्देशक प्रीतम चक्रवर्ती के साथ एक मंच साझा करने के लिए सम्मानित कर रहा हूँ! English: I AM honored simply to share a stage with the great singer-composer music director Pritam Chakraborty! Thanks so much […]

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My Deep Gratitude continues!

Written by on 6th March 2016 in Film (Music) History, Inspirational, Proper Respects

I am quite delighted that 2015 turned out to not disappoint… as promised in 2014 right here on

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“Janam Janam” feat. Kajol & SRK (Dilwale)

Written by on 21st February 2016 in Film (Music) History, Indian (Music) History, Inspirational

I’m so glad this song was approved. Pritam’s musical gifts, Arijit’s great vocal energy and Kajol’s beautiful picturising of my part (plus of course SRK’s usual magic) combined to make this one a delight for me. It’s also rapidly gaining on “Saree Ke Fall Sa” (R…Rajkumar) as our #1 Bollywood song lyric video! I’m so glad people […]

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“Gerua” feat. SRK & Kajol (Dilwale)

Written by on 6th February 2016 in Film (Music) History, Inspirational

“Gerua” (Pritam) – Dilwale (2015) © 2015 Sony Music Entertainment | Red Chillies Entertainments Pvt. Ltd.

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