About me

…THANKS for supporting Indian cinema and music…

I am a professional vocalist and musical artist, currently living and working in Mumbai, India.

I hope you’re visiting my site because you like hearing me sing. THANKS for supporting Indian cinema and music (like mine found here or on Bollywood soundtracks).

Do you like Indian film songs? You can learn more about them and me here, especially if you’re thinking of perhaps also pursuing playback singing. I’m blessed to record many great Bollywood film songs, and to perform live in concerts (this was written pre-pandemic). Music is my life!

Background and Biographical Notes
I began to sing as a small child around my father’s music tutoring studio (ca. 1990). I imitated his music pupils until I became one!

So my Baba began my music tutoring in the 1990s. Thanks so much, Baba! I’m also still Maas girl; She also often guides my fashion sense.

My folks are great, I can’t thank them enough—I’m actually blessed to have such loving, supportive parents. Baba introduced me to top singers of the 1970s (and even some prior ’til date) in film, disc, radio and live—even some Bengali folk family favourites.

Over many years I’ve learned filmi, pop and Hindu classical songs. I’m also blessed to have gifted and generous musical associates and loyal, inspiring fans (ever since Indian Idol II launched my pro music career in 2006).

I’ve sung in many concerts and special events (I’ve been to some very beautiful Indian weddings!) and recorded several feature film songs in my first decade as a music pro.

I’m quite content in a career doing what I love. It doesn’t even feel like work to me–I also enjoy voicing characters and translations in great films and doing voiceover work! If it’s voice, it’s me. (Ultimately, people will hear me 24/7. Yes, I’m joking; it’s all good, lol!). All of my life I’ve felt passionately that my voice is my gift. I’m delighted that so many people enjoy hearing it. I feel so lucky to do this—blessed, actually!

A lot of work goes into film music, ‘though it’s also great fun, considering I work with some of the very best! Please audition a sample or two and let us know your thoughts in the forum. Better music and dance produce better films.

THANK YOU to our many wonderful music fans and especially to our excellent musicians. God willing, we’ll make film music (songs) in studio and live for many more years… (you can also ask about a booking if you click here to pencil it on my personal calendar and if I’m free, someone at Team Antara will follow up).

[Note: Actually, this is an especially busy time so my Personal Calendar is not active online!] (So, no worries, Baba and Maa)…

Currently my bookings are handled exclusively by Forum Vaghela at:

Purple Star Entertainment  in Mumbai, Maharashtra (Bollywood).

We look forward to booking and presenting more great shows. Wait ’til you hear my newest songs with Pritam and others!

My Indian Idol II appearances (and others) gave me a national stage to chase my dream. Sony and other TV pros here in Mumbai were key to my success, and

Sonu Nigam, Anu Malik and Farah Khan, you certainly gave my music career a very big boost. You made me very happySo did many kind viewers who voted for me. Thank you one and all.

I’m blessed to have had such terrific opportunities with or for you. I cherish each experience and your support for me as a contestant—and since then, too.

Please find my latest recordings here at ANTARAMITRA.COM.

One thing about me is certain: GRATITUDE!

We’ll provide this place where you can find not only my songs and albums (we’re working on exciting projects for 2015 and beyond)… so far my dreams are partly real, partly unreal. This is where you can find the “musical-AntaraNews. Please stay tuned. When my new songs are released you can find them here. I’ll also include other artists’ music. So please bookmark and check back for updates. I am so excited!

My Web Team is also building a FORUM here with Bengali language support. Until I see you at or on a show, I will look for you in my Forum Antara’s Bollywood Takes and on Twitter. Meanwhile, feel free to email your thoughts on antaramitra.com.



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