AM (morning/my) Affirmations List

Here are some AM Affirmations (re-written just for me–you can clone these or write your own; some are redundant, and all are positive in intent):

  • Every day in all ways, I AM grateful for becoming more and more fit and healthy.AM feeling better and better (and better in every way, lol).
  • I love myself and I AM perfectly healthy. I AM grateful for my AMazing life!!
  • Every cell in my body is health conscious. I AM a bit of a health freak, although I don’t need to overwork my body to stay in shape. When I AM hungry, I can eat any food and digest it without problems, because I maintain healthy hydration, beneficial flora and overall muscle tone–including muscles used in peristalsis. Music and muscles are similar in spelling. I AM great at both!
  • I AM full of good energy and vitality, and my mind is calm, peaceful, and filled with love of God, family and friends–and gratitude for their amazing love. I work hard, play hard and sleep great–when I want (or when I can)!
  • I eat small portions of the most-nutritious foods, and I drink a large volume of the best water (that cleanses my body and helps me sweat away any blues). Worries are nearly all in the past. Nearly, lol. ‘Negativity be damned!’
  • I think only positive thoughts and AM always happy and joyous, no matter what the external conditions are. My mind is calm–even when something crazy happens.
  • I always feel great! Because my body feels so good, I radiate happiness and great feelings to others, and we all vibe harmoniously.
  • I project great songs and instrumental music to music lovers. Music is my destiny, and I AM honored to have a role in the work of greats, like PritAM. (Joe had a little fun with this one.)
  • Every day is a new day full of hope, happiness and health. I AM very thankful for each sunrise and sunset. I expect to see my dreams come true in this life and I AM always blissful with gratitude.
  • Good health is one of my birthrights. I bless my body daily and take good care of it. It takes good care of me. :•)
  • I AM a very kind spirit in a very harsh material world. Good karma continually displaces any negativity that comes around me, so bad karma never gets a hold on any part of my life.
  • I AM always happy, hale and hardy. Happy in spirit, hale in body and hardy in disposition. Sometimes I can be ornery, but always with the best of intentions (and zest for happiness, lol).
  • I AM one of a very kind, strong heart and steely-hard strong body. I AM vigorous, energetic and full of infinite vitality.
  • To me, good health is next to godliness. I AM in possession of both a healthy mind and a healthy body. Thanks, God!
  • With each passing day, my body becomes more energetic and more healthy. I can feel my stamina and my strength improving.
  • I treat my body as a temple. It is holy, it is clean and it is full of goodness. Haters are unwelcome here–in fact, they can’t hurt me or any of my loved ones, for our spirits are all INVINCIBLE.
  • I breathe deeply, exercise 3-5 times each week, and I only feed good nutritious food to myself. I limit snacking and meals after sunset, and I AM told that my home cooking is quite awesome, and I like to feed other good folks, too.
  • I AM totally free of diabetes, free of blood pressure problems and free of all life threatening diseases. I never had any of those and they aren’t in my future, either.
  • I release all ill feelings that I had about people, incidents and everything else negative. I forgive everyone associated with me, even Joe (and he knows why).
  • I express my deep gratitude to God and everybody in my life. I AM aware that I am incomplete without You All and thank You All for coming into my life.
  • “Healthy, wealthy and wise” is my motto. My body is healthy, I AM wealthy (in many ways) and my mind is wise beyond my years on Earth. :)
  • My gratitude is more than an attitude. Eternally THANKFUL for what I’ve been given, I AM most grateful for all I have and will get. God is more than great: so kind and generous. Thanks!

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