Who Gets Bored?

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Honestly, People!? Who gets “bored” 😑 in
idlenessI rarely do!

Namaste, Dear Music Lover,

My line of inquiry this time is simple:

Who gets bored?—-or,
How can people with lots of
time on their hands say
there’s nothing to do?

I’ll get straight to my point. We each have (one presumes) unlimited potential to learn new facts and skills… not merely data and statistics, but for mastery of essential information and abilities—toward survival in this, Earth’selectro techera

Who gets bored? I honestly don’t know, nor can I imagine who does. Most if not all of my family, friends and co-workers seem to always have more projects to finish than time or other resources to accomplish all of their goals for their regular work as part of one or more teams (or maybe just a solo accomplishment).

In movies, one compelling influence is an ever-present production deadline/timeline. While the music component of the soundtrack is often put in along with other layers in post-production, few directors sanction any serious delays that could push back the release date, so deadlines are taken seriously. Yet we all know that given full temporal freedom, a better final performance/edit could be in the offing—and we only know it when we hear it. But is it really responsible to expect perfection in most contexts? How good is “good enough”, and can we be satisfied with something short of perfection while learning or attempting to aurally support visuals? In the visual arts…

A novice needn’t attempt to tackle the breadth of great traditional patterns on their first go. What took generations to develop and perfect cannot be mastered in short order. A resolve to achieve yet to only do so systematically, I suppose, is in some cases a blessing in disguise for those who could benefit from a turn to repose for a day, or maybe a week or more. So is that a wrap?

Note that rest (as I’ve mentioned in past posts here), is not a luxury, it’s mandatory for life. One hopes the process of relief from disease is nearer than farther, and if realized, that its lasting effects are all positive. Many would contend that the struggles of 2020 are in themselves simply part of our training for morerobust living in the aftermath/future.

It seems as though the gift of self-expression can involve one in myriad ways; beyond shades of grey and stereotypical contrast and symmetry standards, we each at all times express uniquely our own points of view and interpretations of identical inputs.

We each face threats as they are known (or presented by surprise) to us. Each of us has her or his (or, failing binary gender ID, their) experiences and coping skill levels, which inside our bloodstreams are termed immunity and/or seen via abundant antibodies present.

In other words, our remarkable uniqueness could be construed to add if not simply to delineate some aspects of value, be such reasonings subjective or objective in essence. As self-defense mechanisms, untried they are of unknown value. It is only by being tested and proven reliable that our internal and external disease resistance become fully poised to grapple with whatever attacks us from infectious diseases.

What are your colour fancies?

Life is, among other pat phrases, a series of choices we make (or at first, our parents make on our behalf). It’s far more, obviously, yet notions of personal volition (e.g., the right to vote in an election in order to choose one’s representatives) have permeated the written constitutions and laws of representative government for centuries. They’re endemic to what we regard as representative government.

The truths we [nearly all of us] hold to be self-evident aren’t in dispute… yet naysaying seems to be virtually a sport in the 2020s! As such (potentially harming the unprepared among us), our processes of observing criticism through public lenses (including the WWW and more-local broadcasts and other informational sources) may turn murky and be largely/totally unseen, thereby manifesting as inconclusive observations or unknowns.

Perhaps our modern Earthly social orders will continue to evolve into the new ways we’ll need for grappling with the challenges ahead. Any contrary outcomes would seemingly be insufficient for our needs.

Postulations to the effect that life is a long series of mysteries couched in the unknowable merely skirt realities, hiding them from our better faculties for discerning best steps toward full realization of the fruits of our individual and collective pursuits.

It seems to me that most of such mysteries and observed cloudiness are thus fabricated, not inevitable. We cannot avoid the limitations of our human frailties; if however we are fully clued-in about the existence of any failings, we’re generally obliged to overcome them.

I’m wishing our dear music-loving family and friends stable health, modest wealth and all of the happiness and satisfaction available under the circumstances. Given our need to deal with exigencies of the pandemic, it seems that little else more pressing remains.

Please stay in touch with those you love, and with luck and divine providence, we will be producing new movies and songs sooner than later. Countless compelling stories remain to be be picturised (along with sung vocals, one hastens to observe, lol). How I love my work!

Meanwhile I pray that you will stay safe, be smart about social distancing, and remain in your best-possible frame of mind.



PS: If I have given you any useful tutelage, you already know how to practise singing. So when “bored” why not spend 30-60 valuable minutes practising music? It can truly put worry (and performance anxiety) behind you. ❤️


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