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Some of the greatest joys in life reach at unexpected moments adding to recognition by those we admire.

God knows I admire Sonuji! He is such a hopeful light in the world.

When Sonu Nigam smiles with his eyes and a silent Acha! (as he gave to Aditi Singh Sharma above) be assured that you did something exceptionally well! Life is good.

This was at Pritam’s 13 March 2014 Grey Goose IIFA concert. Here’s some YouTube video:


One rarely knows when a brush with greatness is near… seeing Amitabhji or Madhuriji wandering quietly in a park (and who doesn’t stroll in parks?) it could be a very surprising encounter. But Earth’s Bachchans and DixitNenes are human too (or so we presume, lol).

I’ve had some special moments: e.g., Shah Rukh Khan offered a friendly arm, what could I do?

He looks really sharp in formal attire and is quite handsome in person. It’s that SRK. Most of you know my reaction; I danced. I’m still in the clouds!

When icons like Pritamda, Sonuji, soon Monaliji (with her beguiling gaze in tow) flash a soulful glance, it’s past words. Something beyond.

Had it been some raggedy-looking older man (or forlorn old widow?) who knows how it’d have ended? This seems to prove that society has come to devalue, even dismiss what we proclaim is most admirable. In 2016-ese, it’s called hearing with one’s eyes. But when our eyes are clouded by preconceptions, this can cloud our hearing as well.

That unassuming old lady turning up at an odd moment could be someone very special (I’ve had some jaw-droppers myself). What seems to be required is to keep one’s heart open to truth at any instant. It’s like a 12-rupee question.

I’ve found nearly to a one that the most brilliant, charming, well-rehearsed and devoted artists and writers seem to share a trait: generosity!

In music, it’s not impossible to see a legend unassumedly seeing a concert or film yet without further reflection, we might think, “Oh, that’s out of their genre,” or “they would never come here” (both quite sllly conclusion-leapings).

The eyes: windows to the soul.




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