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Every year around this time Monsoon arrives. While it has been known to “come in like gangbusters” and inundate roads and neighbourhoods (not to mention farms, homes, schools, businesses and gardens) with abundant rains, one seldom knows precisely when the rains will arrive.


This year it seemed that the Monsoon would never reach us. We kept praying and finally just this past week, now it appears that our prayers are soon being answered!

Life offers many mysteries. I want to send a prayer to the people in mourning in the United States following last weekend’s tragic murders. Why so many young lives were taken remains a mystery that we may never understand. May they rest in peace!

I thank God for having given me an opportunity to know Sandeep Acharya, whose gentle soul we trust rests in eternal peace after leaving us far too soon at only 29 when jaundice tragically struck him. Sandeepji did accomplish great things, and I also feel blessed to have known and to have sung with him on Indian Idol. His spirit is still alive in our hearts and songs.

People wonder how I’m able to do more than one thing at a time, with my crazy-busy calendar of appearances, rehearsals and recording sessions, the few jam sessions I attend when I can, and our new vocal quartet practices and projects. How can I create these WordPress blog-site entries to share my journey via the WWW?

The truth is my wonderful parents have given me amazing support, and this blog-site is being co-developed by one of my dearest fans. I call him FJ or sometimes Footman Joe. THANKS, man whatever your name!

Oh, one more mystery which remains to be explained in the next 4-5 years! Or not, lol. Life goes on and I’m too busy to worry about FJ. He has his own musical interests outside of our Bollywood/Indian film music (not especially far outside, however).

So far, at least, Patience Pays. What I find in abundance in my heart is only GRATITUDE for the many wonderful blessings that reached me and good people who have arrived in my life, and those that are yet to arrive (yet I trust that in good time all things will transpire according to plans that may even manifest unexpectedly)…

Wait until you hear what we’ve been working on recently in Mumbai just for your ears!

Patience! We’ll release the new music when the appropriate time arrives. Trust me, it is “coming soon.” When exactly? Only God knows!



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