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Here’s a page about Mumbai’s largest botanical gardens. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone. It doesn’t have to be one day a year when we appreciate flowers and plants of various types.

Just in case you weren’t inundated with flowers from your admirer(s), I’m adding a video of flowers growing and being painted, presumably in springtime. I hope your everyday is going well.

Many things in life don’t arrive immediately upon demand. Accepting that simple reality challenges some people. Some things take time and may arrive in due course (or not)! A human child needs about 3/4 of a year to form, and an artistic video like this could’ve taken the artist 3 years (I’d guess less, since it’s by a teacher). Some processes require decades, like maturing into a productive member of a community, especially depending upon your interests. Songs might require minutes to months.

If your dream puts you atop Chomolungma (the name of Mt. Everest in Tibetan—which translates to Goddess Mother of the World in English, विश्व की देवी माँ in Hindi and বিশ্বের দেবী মা in Bengali), be glad for whatever altitude you reach; we meet the same folks on the way out whom we met coming in!

Some aspects of life’s challenges can be eased by appropriate use of technology (and film composers like Pritam know well what, where and when to apply). The time required to do what at first blush seems impossible is usually however, quite unavoidable. Various makers and sellers are bringing the tech solutions forward. I think many human workers far outperform machines, however. Balancing both as coworkers is critical.

I hope that all of your pain is avoidable and that your dreams grow easier and closer each day, may God/the universe bless you whether it’s what has morphed into a consumer holiday in the U.S. (St. Valentine’s Day), what remains an enduring spiritual celebration day like Shiva’s Maha Shivaratri, or simply an afterthought while we approach retirement,

I encourage you to stop, smell the roses (a là the warm sentiments of the Beatles’s drummer Ringo Starr), or when you find some time to celebrate being in your own dear family—I certainly cherish my wonderful family, coworkers, friends, etc. more than I can put into words! However I’ll begin with this:

Thank you so much for your ongoing support!!



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