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Albert Einstein was both very intelligent and very wise. He is also quite famous for several things, including his:

  • formula E = MC2
  • frizzy long white hair
  • affair w/Marilyn Monroe

Blondes in America, it seems, did have more fun (than some non-blondes).

Despite the profundity of Einstein’s prolific writings and discoveries in the cerebral domain of theoretical physics (he’s credited with ushering in both the “nuclear reactor” and “atomic bomb”), he also managed to offer some very-accesible wisdom, such as this enduring pearl:


This brilliant genius was also famous for forgetting how to return to his home, proving he was human, too.

I am human. I know this because I have my own:

  • enduring faith
  • loves and passions
  • plans and goals
  • dreams and fantasies
  • ideas and thoughts
  • character/sense of decency
  • senses of humour & wonder


One popular oft-quoted notion that also appeals to me:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

It is called the Golden Rule. It seems to work well in many if not all situations.

Some aspects of reality don’t require a great genius to fully grasp them.

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