Tech Talk/Update (a true rarity for me)!

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Namasté, Dear Music Lover,

I remain so focused on Bollywood movie songs that I have delegated some “routine” activities like web site administration to Footman Joe (my manservant), who along with limited guidance from a few others at Team Antara/TMantra Music covers this aspect of my so-called online presence.

We got this!

Whereas generally it’s more like an uninteresting blur of tech talk for which I have neither time nor ken, for Father’s Day (yes, it’s a U.S. holiday—we have many more annual holidays in India, but I digress), ol’ Footman Joe installed a “secure sockets/SSL Certificate” here, so this little blog-site can live on without those nasty warnings, because now is a bona-fide HTTPS: (secure server) site. Baba, I hope this pleases you!

The best part is you don’t even have to type the HTTPS part of the address. It “redirects” automatically to the Secure Server. Ol’ FJ insisted that we need this to give the site a solid presence on the WWW (a bit like my emerging vocal presence in Bollywood, lol).

Technology: in 2019, it often seems that while one cannot keep up with all of it, one most certainly prefers to not be left out of the conversation. We still plan to build a Forum into this site and it will happen in the next phase of revising along with an evolution toward our next addition: an online music store! I love Forums, too.

Please stay tuned here for more details. I promise to keep the tech-related updates to an absolute minimum in order to remain focused on what I really love: our music (songs) and you, Dear Music Lover!

With a little luck and a lot more TLC, this little WordPress blog-site will be around for years to come. Thanks to Footman Joe and our global “hosting provider”




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