You’re Fine Already!

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Namaste, Dear Music Lover,

Life needn’t be particularly difficult or complex.
Our success depends upon our choices.

Today, some food for thought:

Be Yourself

Also, be a responsible adult. Other responsible adults generally prefer to work with adults, not children or adolescents.

Practice safe measures like wearing a face mask to protect others and yourself during a pandemic. Be polite and considerate, and expect the same from others. When others fail, it’s rarely our role to inform and correct them, so best to set the instruction and preaching remarks aside, at least until you’re on break or your feedback is invited. Note: Ventilating aloud is only acceptable when you’re alone. (Unless you’re a child/adolescent with poor speech discipline.)

Show up for work on time and (alert, aware of what’s on the agenda, and what is/are your role[s] in it, as well as) fully prepared to do your best work.

If you feel uninspired or disinterested, seek a new attitude/modify your perspective. Showing up late inconveniences others (and sends a message that you don’t respect their time). Showing up unprepared proves that you’re unprofessional. You’re better than that!

If such bad behavior persists, check (stop/analyze) yourself, and if necessary, quit and find a position where you can excel and thrive among others who are also doing so. Don’t be a drain on self/others (when you clearly need to move on).

Give yourself and those around you (physically and metaphorically) enough space to move and breathe easily. Invading others’ personal space is wrong (on so many levels that we don’t even need to explain it).

Be grateful for what you have that’s good, and equally thankful for what you don’t have that’s bad.

The only people who “need” to criticize you have nothing useful to offer. Do listen to those people who are there for more than enacting the role of a know-it-all/critic. People present for the right reasons will offer criticism only in constructive contexts.

Convey to others that you respect yourself and don’t take part in anything illegal or degrading. This can be problematic in certain locales or with wrong others. If you’re alone in insisting upon staying legit and low stress, find other employment and leave to secure it.



PS: While most/all of the information above is very obvious to some of us, others may not comprehend it. Please adjust your interactions accordingly, and don’t waste time trying to change other adults’ behaviours (unless you’re an expert paid to do it). Time wasted is time lost forever; when lost, it can’t be recovered.


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