Happy Holi! (Please Be Safe)

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Namaste, Dear Music Lover,

Hoping for a fun, safe Holi!

May you enjoy a festive and pleasant Holi, as we celebrate Krishna’s love for Radha RESPONSIBLY, thank you! We need our film fans to begin to queue up ever so patiently for the gradual, safe reopening of cinema theatres across India. It won’t occur overnight, so we do appreciate your patience while the logistics are worked out in detail. This promises to be an unforgettable year for all of us.

If anyone is afraid to go outdoors and face potential risky/viral exposure, there are more ways to stream Bollywood fare indoors now than ever. Either way, avoid those situations where your skin and/or breath could be compromised. A bit of colours staining clothing isn’t a huge problem (as most of it washes out), but in this time of aerial pathogens (e.g., the very deadly Covid-19 virus that is still very much around the planet), please be careful to avoid any potential breathing complications.

Also, in the months ahead, please continue to be patient with (and observant of) the sensible public health measures that we must ALL practice, like mask wearing, hand washing and maintaining twometre social distance, and generally respecting restrictions we must all endure until our vaccinations are done so widespread that we can then return to a more normal way of daily life.

No one wants to pile into cinema or tour bus seating with full glee than we do, but it’s still the time to act responsibly. HAPPY HOLI (and Kavant Gher, Shigmo, Vasant Navratri and other drum battles, etc.) everyone! May goddess Durga save and protect you from any harm. Maybe a well-fitting pair of sun goggles is one easy precaution to reduce one’s risk of infections. (Don’t forget to wear a mask, too.)

I can still imagine (and I hear) so much great classical, folkloric and pop music of both my early youth and the festive celebration music which envelops us now in the major metros and countrysides.Thanks so much for all your kind, generous support! We love you so much!!

Even my footman insisted that I coconut oil my skin and hair to block any possibly-toxic powders. It’s a bit odd, but he cares for me much like Maa and Baba, and I know enough to listen to all good advice. I hope that you’re also enjoying yourself with all of the bright colours flying. Life is too short not to enjoy when we can. (My point is we want to remain among the living in order to celebrate yet again in 2022.)

Hoping for a fun, colourful
of love & peace!


♫ AM ♫


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