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Bollywood Bedlam Broadband Boss interviewer Faridoon Shahryar managed to draw me out a bit, lol.

In our Musically Yours interview, I got to gush on Sharukh Khan‘s favorite Dilwale musical number (mine too):

Faridoonji apparently got a kick out of my frank talk. I admit, a bit of frankness has never been too much of a struggle for me. I speak my own mind.

So again he picked my thoughts in this Rapid Fire segment:

I appreciate the chance to chat to my lovelies via Bollywood Hungama, as it’s a good place for us all to catch up on Bolly gossip (now including mine, for all it’s worth, lol).

This makes me want to see my own playback singing discussion forum Antara’s Bollywood Takes soon come online… maybe it’ll be up for my birthday in July? Please stay tuned… meaning you too, Bolly Hungama fans!

If you’re wondering what Faridoon and I meant about what I would do if I suddenly awoke as Kangana, here’s the long version of a recent NDTV interview featuring Barkha Dutt for background (with Bollywood’s self-acceptance guru, reigning Boxoffice Queen and Controversy Badass herself, Kangana Ranaut).

I must state for the record that although I realize that surely she wasn’t insinuating anything in my direction, I don’t regard myself as any sort of social butterfly at all… in fact, per my accepted role as a songbird who’s still trying her wings, one can easily see that I don’t spend much time on social media, except in (precious few) free moments. It’s obvious from my xtra-shrt shrthnd typing, lol.

Should I ever be blessed to work with Kangana Ranaut or Deepika Padukone in any capacity, I would be honoured… this comes from one frank-talker to another, lol. I defend their rights to speak out any time!

Apologies to my dearest Mother who’s been and remains my greatest fan and supporter… for not staying in touch enough. No Maa, I’m not on a militant-feminist bender these days.

However, ‘though I do adore SRK (as a fan) in reality I don’t want to be him nor anyone other than your daughter (and Dad’s). I also admit that yes, I am gunning for cricket tix, and I’ll keep you and Dad updated. Go, KKR!

I (pray that I) haven’t changed for the worse because now my singing has begun to be associated with Bollywood boxoffice toppers. I think Maa knows (as Kanganaji verifies) Bollywood has its own career-shaping momentum. I’m hoping to stay in or near the fast lane for a few more years at least, lol.

I am seriously in accord with the view that a “leading lady’s life span of three or four years” is just a smidgen on the ‘abbreviated development’ tip, and I concur with Ms. Ranaut: one needn’t internalize the offensive implications of others! My role models and mentors’ careers average more than four decdes.

Let me just state for the record: at this stage in my life, no man defines me, either. That doesn’t even make me a badass, simply because I can wrangle my own rain gear and luggage (well, some of it, lol).

Fortunately the Mumbai men I encounter and with whom I’ve worked are quite respectful and not so presumptuous as to try to speak on my behalf. I know that there are ill-intenders out there, but God seems to protect us from most of them, to the point where all I can offer is gratitude for the blessings and kindness on our travels! I’ve loved every minute! See you again soon, I hope.

Life is too short to fight about anyone’s opinions, expectations or insults, be they veiled or direct.


♫ AM ♫

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