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There are infinite ways to design infinite colours of fabrics with an infinity of accessories… no one could conceivably follow every trend and creative approach to fashions.

While we in India often put colourful spins on fabrics and combine them in traditional or modern ways, I think some of our best looks are made from that rare combo of colour and form, which gives us some new takes for any season. How about fashion standby denim? Maybe with our versatile lightweight-cotton Madras plaids:


If it’s fun, I’ll try to carry it off! (That means keep an eye on me, lol, or I could bag it up to save for a rainy day, or drop it at a girlfriend’s place, so she can have a go at the fun outfit).

Sometimes the bottoms of my legs seem frozen and I look for fun or funky hosiery or warm-ups to keep me active and my circulation strong. You never know what I may be hiding under that huge gown, lol!

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