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Music and films are two lifelong passions for me and my family. Let’s have lively movie music discussion here and make it the go-to place to discuss Playback Singing!

Here you’ll find songs and instrumentals that I love. I hope you like them. Some are free/ad-sponsored YouTube videos (for which I’m not paid just yet)… most released by film companies and/or Sony, iTunes, TSeries, Google Play (and soon T-Mantra Music). My catalog is small but growing!

More great songs are forthcoming in future releases. Team Pritam rocks; I feel so blessed to work with some of my very favorite film stars like Kajol-ji and Shah Rukh Khan-sir. Thank you all for the ongoing moral support!

I’ll post a few previews/ samples and eventually a short film numbers reel here. We’re still working on that (when not busy on other things).

I’ll post a few links here. My most popular songs ’til date are:

Gerua” (“Orange”) from Rohit Shetty’s Dilwale (Shah Rukh Khan & Kajol 2015 dramedy), “Saree ke fall sa” (“Saree that drapes so”) and “Kaddu Katega” (“Melon harvest”) from Eros/Next Gen’s R… Rajkumar (Sahid Shakoor & Sonakshi Sinha 2013 comedy). Are they my best Pritam songs? I was surprised at how well-received they were ‘though sung very late at night—what fun sessions! I love recording for Pritam’s unique, versatile film soundtrack projects. Expectations go out windows, if there were any!

One never knows how and when a genius will pen the next hit song! I also enjoy learning about the modern and early meanings of words. I try to remain prepared for the songs in which my voice is needed! In addition to Pritam, I especially love music director R.D. Burman’s and lyricist Gulzar’s older work (when Bollywood was young). Even a few of my favorites are oldies but goodies (some, pre-1980; look for them soon, we’re still under construction in 2016). Some folk dance numbers are just evergreen.

Many early Hollywood films were remade with Indian Music, choreography (and often, subtitles) since the early days. In Kolkata where I first learned film songs, most lyrics were Hindi or Bengali (per their origins). Nowadays anything goes; I sing songs in whatever the language! And I love every style when the writing is great (e.g., by Pritam).

I also enjoy voicing film dialogue and translations for regional release. I speak and sing fluent Bengali, HindiUrdu and English… Casting directors: my agent is Forum V. at Purple Star.

India’s cultural heritage is so rich and colourful. I respect and LOVE IT! Likewise to my fans and supporters: so thanks to each and all of you so very much! Without an audience a singer has nothing!

Film fans: want to share your own music views and reviews? Please add yours to the remarks here on ANTARAMITRA.COM.

Thank you for visiting my site and sharing our love of film music! One never knows when we might visit your locale, for a promotional tour or a special performance with amazing musical friends like Shaan, Sonu, Pritam, et al. Yes, much of the work is fun… yet invariably it is our great audiences who make it worth the hard work!

I have some more exciting musical plans for 2016 onward… We’ll be returning from eour England concerts  soon. Please “stay tuned” for upcoming announcements. Thank you so much to all who helped make our visit so special, and for your continued support. What a fun trip… we survived the cold London weather and look forward  to seeing (and hearing) everyone back in warm Mumbai! Goodness, a girl can continue to work for and wish for the very best in all aspects. So far, so good.

Blessings to one and all, and


Antara (songbird)

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