Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Welcome to AntaraMitra.com, a film-music focused resource provided by T-Mantra Music in affiliation with various other content providers including, but not limited to: iTunes (Apple Inc.), Google Play (Google Inc.), Media Go (Sony Ntwk. Int’l LLC) and others. In all instances and at all times, we are not responsible for matters better directed to third parties. Our affiliated providers present detailed Terms of Service on their respective web sites! Please use links provided (we’ll try to keep them updated) on our Legal Details page.

Your use of this site is subject to our Terms of Service (TOS). These terms pertain to the relationship between us (“Site“) and you (“User“). Please read and follow all rules below, or you are in violation of these Terms of Service.

This site is Rated G for General audiences of all ages.

Note: If User violates the Terms of Service in whole or part, User’s visit here should end immediately and save further written notice, User is not allowed to use this site. We have strict participation rules here to which ALL visitors must respect, conform and comply. No exceptions! Please read, respect and comply with these Terms of Service or immediately and permanently disconnect from our server(s) and stop downloading and/or uploading from/to our Site.

This web site is a public-facing WWW (Internet) service of T-Manta Music, a non-profit Indian educational establishment, and as such we serve more as a conduit and assistant to your music and video download process rather than as a content originator or seller per se. In order to grasp the entirety of your relationship as User here and potential/actual Consumer of content from one or more of our affiliated original content providers (when the content does not originate here), we also encourage you to review and understand each affiliated provider‘s terms of service you use as made readily available on our Legal Details page.

Our objective in requiring ALL Users here to conform to applicable laws is not part of any political or religious program to impose social norms beyond those implicit in common and other applicable law. We are not trying to cause you to be or act other than you normally would act or be. However, in order to protect the rights of all parties involved here, we must insist that Users shall not violate any of these Terms of Service. These facts are incontrovertible.

We realize that in this epoch, at times transactions between an Internet site provider and its user members can feel like an uneasy compromise, and because this Site was conceived in the United States of America where a climate of freedom of speech prevails, we maintain such a spirit of free speech and openness on this Site, and we shall not endeavor to quash your openly shared speech. However, that freedom ends when it negatively impacts the rights or well being of others, and we shall vigorously endeavor to enforce these Terms of Service uniformly to protect all of our Users, acting aggressively and promptly (at our sole discretion due to limited time and other available resources). We promise to treat you with due respect and deference as our Site’s User (unless you have violated these Terms of Service and doing that would further violate others’ rights). To wit, you must also comply with:

1a. Local and non-local laws. When you use our Site, you are subject to your local laws and ours, and international law and common law. That’s a lot of law! Please do not violate any laws, or you risk prosecution under them. To reiterate as noted above, we actively pursue and seek to prosecute criminal activity actually perpetrated or substantively planned or attempted here in any form, such as Theft of Intellectual Property, Theft of Personal Identity, Business Espionage, Malicious or Anti-Competitive Cyber-Attack, Defacing of a Public Forum, Slander or Defamation of one or more public or private individual(s). We are not on a vendetta and this is not difficult; we can get along with everyone. We encourage you to do likewise!

While this is intended to be a place to congregate, to serve as a content conduit to be provided for digital distribution by our affiliate(s) and User members, and to discuss (and to some extent acquire legitimate copies of old and new) Indian film music and video content, that is about all we do here. Any other activities such as socializing or attending public performances  elsewhere after meeting here, or posting in our forum(s) regarding reviews of same (if fully legal) are also welcomed. Social activity beyond the aforementioned (other than linking to us from social media sites) is outside of our purview (and for your safety is not recommended).

If you have any questions about what constitutes criminal activity in your locale or ours, we encourage you to take up the discussion with appropriate local law enforcement authorities, and rest assured that if significant suspicious activity can reasonably be attributed to your User presence here, at minimum your User Account will be suspended pending further review, and in due course very likely terminated without malice (and possibly reported to appropriate authorities for further action, if they deem appropriate) and any/all related data deleted.

1b. Copyright compliance. The matter of so-called “fair-use” doctrine (as defined by the U.S. Copyright Office of the Library of Congress) may apply to instances of use of copyrighted material for the explicit purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research, however we are not an enforcement agency. Reasoned use of copyrighted material for any of the so-called “fair” use purposes is strictly at User’s sole discretion and strictly and permanently 100% the User’s sole responsibility. Think twice, write once.

However, in cases where a protected work is apparently being copyright-violated according to local copyright laws and/or international conventions, when we are aware of such a potential violation, said work can and likely will be promptly removed from our Site without prejudice (and if removed cannot be restored). It’s really no more complex than that. Thank you again; please enjoy your experience here each time you visit (and tell your friends about us). As on other sites, your behavior is your responsibility. This site is free to all Users and participation here will remain free! Please respect our work and us as well as others; neither our integrity nor our good reputation is for sale.

We are also not in the business of providing detailed clarification beyond these written Terms of Service. If you as a User here are ever in doubt about how to behave over the Internet, we urge you to act with good manners, exercise reasonable caution and restraint, maintain a respectful tone in your written contributions (forum posts and if permitted, other uploaded content), and you should have no problems participating on this Site. See also our Uploaded Content TOS page, which more specifically details User’s limited scope here for copyrighted material. If you upload content here, BOTH TOSes apply!

If you are aware of any other User here violating these Terms of Service in any way, such as reverse engineering of software or hardware data, content copyright and/or privacy abuse, illegal data gathering/mining or socially ‘trolling’ our forum for any illicit purpose, publicly or privately here-initiated harassment or humiliation of any our active or inactive member User(s), or any other illegal or simply nasty, mean-spirited activity demonstrating disrespect toward the Site and/or its legitimate Users, we urge you to report suspicious/criminal actions to us at abuse@antarmitra.com. Thank you.

Other than serving the aforementioned entertainment content to our Users, we also strive to provide a lively, freewheeling online discussion forum about Playback Music called Antara’s Bollywood Takes, where Users themselves are responsible for their opinions, commentaries and recommendations or critiques and the copyright status of all uploaded material.

Please, to our Users: Always Keep it Clean and Respectful in whichever written language you choose, and we welcome you to an active, lively community of film and music-loving people who especially appreciate amazing cultural treasures of India like film music (often called “playback singing”), and other downloadable music and visual art forms such as Music Audio and Video downloads, e.g. Bollywood Films). That is not to discourage fully critical analyses, but to maintain the forum’s dialogues in as pleasant and respectful tone as they can be written.

We are not responsible for our Users actions here (obviously and permanently in all instances), and we may err on the side of free speech rather than the quashing of open free speech, however if complaints or legal notifications arise, we shall endeavor to promptly remove any offensive content provided obviously in violation of valid copyright(s). This extends to torts. In cases where you may question our decisions, if you inquire to us by email sent to legal@antaramitra.com, we shall try to provide the legal basis or bases under which we removed any specific disputed content. Otherwise we only edit for clarity, and given the nuances of multiple south Asian languages, rarely so!

Thank you for your willing compliance and positive influence(s) here. Any abuse or misuse of this site is strictly and permanently prohibited. This has been a very long way of saying in writing, “Do unto Others as You would have them do unto You (also known as the Golden Rule).” It’s both as complex and as simple as that. There is no item number 2 nor further legalistic language here.

If you love Bollywood playback singing (as well as south Asian languages and film culture & music) in general (like Antara does), we welcome you and your ongoing participation here. If you hate it in whole or in part, we urge you to express such disdain or contempt somewhere else (where it might be welcome).

Thank you!


Antara Mitra and T-Mantra Music.

PS: Please send all general legal matter inquiries to legal@antaramitra.com.

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