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Mumbai Getaways are Possible!

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Mumbai is more than a concrete jungle! ‘though it seems I must sell the city as a destination to my West Bengal family and friends based mainly on visiting me and my wonderful Maharashtra-based artist friends, the city and its environs hold natural and cultural wonders that are second to none. While Indians in general […]

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The Value of Criticism

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As a thing that has often been associated with music and literature (including poetry, [screen]plays, etc.), criticism has been a part of Earthly society for eons. Here I will briefly de-construct the notion of criticism as a thing so often associated with music, from of course the point-of-view of a music performer, as that is […]

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Forward Ever – Backward Never

With this post we at wish you a very safe and enjoyable increment of day, month and year! Namaste… as always. (My spirit greets and blesses yours.) Goodbye with fondness to all we met and with whom we enjoyed time together in 2017, however brief it may have been! Actually, our own calendars are so […]

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