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Save Some Time for Self

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Namaste, Dear Music Lovers. I just want to send out a Hindu blessing to the universe and if you are also a person of faith, you’re welcome to accept it as part of our Indian religion, or in the greater realm of all spiritual practices used by humans on this planet. We call this symbol […]

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It’s not all glitz and glamour, pomp and circumstance.

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Singing is more than lyrics and music. It’s a physical process that demands training, preparation and the dedication to follow through on the composer’s notes and briefs. As promised, this is the first in my series on the art of vocal performance. I’ve been training my voice for decades, and have heard a lot of […]

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Who Said Puzzles are Too Easy?

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There are puzzles and challenges. There are easy puzzles—and occasionally some challenging ones. Some occasions call for easy games or puzzles. Others might suggest handcuffs and muzzles. Maybe you like some crossword puzzles? Maybe not! Do you like to play royalty…         or perhaps the occasional game? Even children can use a little […]

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People are Funny; Moms are People

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  আমার মতো মা পেয়েছিস বলে এই জন্মে বেঁচে গেছিস.

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The Comments Debate – I’d Rather Dance!

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Namaste, Dear Visitors, I have been researching the notion of allowing comments on blog posts (for this is a blog-site itself). There are at least two points of view on this issue, and this article represents itself as a fairly thorough explanation. Perhaps it will inform or persuade you or me to reconsider a point […]

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“Getting Busy” isn’t all “Fun”

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Namaste, Dear Visitor to my blog-site… I’m glad you took time from your day to join us. Here are some thoughts for today, about the idea of being or getting busy. Nearly all of us lead surprisingly busy lives, even if we intend otherwise. I know the feeling of being busy, and honestly, getting busy is not […]

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Keep the faith!

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Nothing in, nothing out.

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Albert Einstein was both very intelligent and very wise. He is also quite famous for several things, including his: formula E = MC2 frizzy long white hair affair w/Marilyn Monroe Blondes in America, it seems, did have more fun (than some non-blondes). Despite the profundity of Einstein’s prolific writings and discoveries in the cerebral domain of theoretical physics (he’s […]

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Tagore: in Response

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In response to the writings of RabindraNath Tagore, Dr. S. Parui offers… imagery. Enjoy. (Image: R. Carlén/SORS Paris) Dr. Suvro Parui, former Chair, Institute of Asian Studies and Professor of Chinese Studies, Amity University, Gurgaon is a recognized authority on India’s esteemed poet and thought leader RabindraNath Tagore (1861–1941).

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