Life: Tasks or Celebration?

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Over the centuries, what we now take for granted in Indian cinema has been developed through a collaboration of music and dance (like Rahis Bharti’s BMO seen in this YouTube video), as well as storytelling.

Storytelling could be factual or fanciful. I’ll refrain from editorializing here. I simply want to celebrate the celebrations that draw us all together, for whatever purposes.

India is such a vast and varied place, with exciting (and at times simply contemplative, spiritual) traditions to move audiences. Lively dancing may not suit every occasion, obviously. Oh, but when it does so in Bollywood… the results can be spectacular. Do you care to join in the crowd? Sometimes it’s nearly impossible to exclude oneself!

I feel in my element when performing on a concert stage, a happy audience waving and clapping along with us!

I see this as an important question: Is life primarily a struggle in which some forces take on others and either battle for victory (which can be as simple as enduring a long series of tasks or as complex as getting a film distributed), or is it really intended for a celebration of some primal communal principles?

In the second-most-populous place on Earth, it seems to work out here as some colourful combination. Love it!!

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